Thinking a different way - forging a new path.

SEEED College is future focused, preparing students with the knowledge and skills for sustainability employment.

SEEED Home-Farms integrate eco sustainable and renewable systems into a holistic alliance to deliver a rich healthy living and productive work environment.

SEEED Home-Farms will feed and house people seeking a new life, with the opportunity to become valued citizens by growing organic foods and making eco products.

X Architectonics, SEEED Green Belts and Home-Farms (ESD) will impact positively on: lifting the living standard of the disadvantaged, human migration, the human condition and also mitigate climate change.

From the humble seed we will build a new industry, one that is not just planet safe, but planet regenerating. A new methodology of SEEED decentralized cottage industry products that grow from the earth and can return back to the earth better than we found it.

It's up to us, you and me, for we are the teachers of the next generation.