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John Zulaikha

Founder: S.E.E.E.D. College 
Managing Director of WAPSEC Pty Ltd ACN 129 468 097.
Grad Dip Social Ecology 1997-9, Ecological Sustainability at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. 
Recording Engineer/Producer 1969-96,

Since the early 90’s, I became aware of the archetypal positioning of subjugation that flows throughout history and mythology that ultimately, as observed, undermines all conditions of human behaviour and well being.

It’s very late in our history and very early in our consciousness. We must learn enough to be smart enough not to blow ourselves up, although that sounds a little cold warToday’s world is more the juxtaposition of persons, governments and the rise of corporations… everything is being challenged.

Good health and abundant affordable clean energy are 2 basic freedoms we all need. The Hubble telescope discovered the universe is speeding up - but we have yet to discover how to tap this unlimited energy. And health is at an all time nutritional low propagating medicines to an all time high. In this way, education and discovery are important keys for humanity.

The most neglected and our immediate attention is drawn towards the education of girls and women - for embracing the feminine is at the heart of our survival. On the positive, I like to think the suffering and imbalance is righting itself.

Women are standing up for themselves against the intolerable – and the internet world can see and hear – and wants better – wants justice.

Malala Yousafzai speaks her quiet wisdom and challenges the world with two words, “Education First” and we whole heartedly agree.

Helmut G. Schuster


“Rainman of the Desert”.
Founder: S.E.E.E.D. College
Director WAPSEC pty Ltd

Helmut has a passion for the world, traveling for many years eventually falling in love with Senegal on the west coast of Africa. From there has acquired a unique awareness of the African Migration problem from both sides of the borders.

The migration story began after having installed the world’s first Solar Thermal Desalination, to a chance meeting with the Anta Cheikh Band in Senegal, then the news of Malala Yousafzai's amazing survival and in a few words says it all, "Education First". Inspirational Beyonce's Chime For Change, Run The World, Run This Mother and SEEED College – follow the passion.

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