Andrew K. Fletcher,
"The Most Amazingly Simple & Overlooked Health Solution In The World".

Andrew K. Fletcher

Bold title, "in the world", but not only health but engineering, there's a good story for later. For now you have to listen to Andrew K. Fletcher.

I have chosen to highlight Andrew's work as it is by far the most revolutionary and the most simple. Understanding Andrew, and how his background of engineering and inquiring mind has lead to a revolution that has not yet begun, but when you "get it" the "AHA!" it changes everything.

The context will be: water, energy, pumping, pressures, gravity, minerals, salts, blood flow through the body, the health benefits, and maybe some practical.

You will hear about raising the bed so you sleep on an angle, and you wonder, "why am I listening to this?" Don't be alarmed, you're in the right place, by the way the first video is 2 hours.

The second is about the bed, go on, it's good.

The 3 part series are about water going up hill like a tree does... which must now be accredited to Andre K. Fletcher for correctly describing how it all works, which has ramifications further: to the human heart and pumping water.