October 21, 2013

Bobby Amarasingham’s Water Propulsion Technology

Bobby Amarasinghams Water Propulsion TechnologyThis video features one that could be great for water propulsion, making it safer, for swimming pools and for fish. 

It uses three cone shapes on a rod, the middle one of which moves forward and backward. As it moves forward the water is “reflected” against the forward cone to push water backwards; and as the middle cone moves backward, it pushes water back with it then as well. So the “forward-backward” action of the middle cone results in pushing the unit forward in the water.

The advantage is that it is much safer than a propeller, and it may be more efficient than a propeller. Bobby says it is around 60% more efficient than propellers.

The prototype toy he built (photos shown in the video) was so popular, all the kids wanted to play with it at the beach. “Can I have a try?” “Can I have a turn?” 

He would like to see this patent-protected technology move forward.