Still Seeking 400,000 Apartments, Germany?

3 Storeys In Each Day - China's New Norm - 57 Storeys in 3 weeks UP!

Zhang Yue 
Architect Of The Century

Never has a technology in human history borne so profound social impact.

This technology is the answer for the existing citizens in Germany that need housing.

Zhang Yue's

(1) 90% factory-made (construction waste less than 1%)

(2) 5 times more energy efficient

(3) PM2.5 filtration by 99%

(4) no collapse in a 9 magnitude earthquake

(5) land saving (a focus only on high-rises)

(6) material saving ( all steel structure, recyclable)

(7) durable (e.g. stainless steel pipes for water supply, air-conditioning and fire protection).

BSB’s primary value is energy saving: 15~30 cm thermal insulation and 3~4 paned glass windows are applied respectively per local climate zones globally,

Fresh air heat recovery machines and CHP system are equipped with all BSB buildings, which have enhanced energy efficiency 80% higher than that of conventional non-insulated buildings.

This technology can be of use for the recent influx of the "Walking Refugees" to Europe and Germany.

BROAD factory-made sustainable buildings have converted migrant workers into industrial workers manual work in hi-tech!

Chancellor Angela Merkel with Chairman and CEO of BROAD Group Zhang Yue

The only way to deal with such an influx of people is to build fast! BSB FAST!

Broad Sustainable Building
Watch this amazing video of BSB going up!

The erection of the skyscraper itself was preceded by four and a half months work spent assembling the 2,736 modules that comprise the building prior to actual on-site construction.

If all buildings in the world could adopt BSB technology,
30%+ global energy would be saved.

On June 8 Germany's ambassador to China H.E. Michael Clauss & his wife visited BROAD.

He was on the 57-story tower built in 19 days.