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Climate Change, Global Warming and Merchants of Doubt

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

According to my fb friends, the planet isn't warming it's cooling, there's more ice this year, CO2 and warmth is good for plants - it couldn't be us human CO2 compared to all the volcanoes.

On the surface it appears quite logical to nod along in agreement, especially with a friend.

Truth's a funny animal, you never know when it will turn around and bite you,.

This chap nails it coffin after coffin... not that it's "proof" but he addresses 13 pivotal points very nicely.

But... one thing keeps eluding the tabloids: the reversal of soil behaviour caused by industrialized farming.

Soil is usually a carbon sink, as are the oceans... the planet is a carbon sink - we live in a carbon cycle - but soil has "reversed" its' pattern and become a carbon emitter.

Soil is unable to sequester CO2 as it normally does, hence the focus should be on SOIL since it is emitting excessive CO2 emissions.

As CO2 is emitted it accumulates - warming - until it sequesters back into the earth, in a carbon cycle. Go to: Soil Carbon Sequestration.

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