"If there were no trees, there would be no roots to hold the soil - land would just blow away." 

The great dust storms of America. In 1934, a massive storm sends millions of tons of topsoil flying from across the parched Great Plains region of the United States as far east as New York, Boston and Atlanta.

This is what happens when you degrade the soil
- when you remove all the nutrients
- when you deprive the microbes from their sugar
- and when you do this the CO2 leaves as well.

Cutting trees or worse, burning trees to replace with palms for palm oil is the opposite of smart, but a very good example of Decisions Based Upon Income.

Burning releases all the carbon that has been locked away for hundreds of years, but it gets worse. In 25 years the palms will burn for new palms… that's a load of environmental, deforestation, biodiversity and of course extinction issues with the Orangutang especially.

After the large-scale deforestation, grow palm trees for palm oil, a decision based upon income.

Are we to repeat the same?
“What do you imagine the islander was thinking when he chopped down the last tree?” Anthropologist Jared Diamond asked.

“By now the meaning of Easter Island for us should be chillingly obvious. Easter Island is Earth writ small. Today, again, a rising population confronts shrinking resources.” babsreingold.com

There's a real need for money, and decisions based upon income lead us to burn trees.

Back then, Easter Island built boats but without trees they became poor. Today Indonesia is burning and someone is making money… but for how long before decisions based upon income leads to poverty.


Crossing the CO2 400 ppm threshold we enter unknown territory, and methods of lowering CO2 back to 350 ppm must include sucking it up and storing it safely.

Then China started to plant 1-2 billion, now China plans 26 billion over the next decade. Countries around the world are planting large numbers as a solution. Bottom-line, 100 billion might do the job if they don't all burst into flames and release their stored CO2. Trees are absolutely valid sequesters of CO2 until they burn or rot. www.400.350.org

Carbon Capture & Storage CCS was promised to sequester CO2 from coal-fired power stations, but this has only been achieved small scale.

The storage of CO2 proves elusive, but we never give up,


There was a time I thought, "grow algae near power stations and force feed algae CO2 to grow, harvest and make oil, then pour the oil back in the ground and Hey Presto! That's an ecological solution that's pretty secure, but of course that's a decision based upon income.

Q. Who would make oil and pour it back into the ground to sequester CO2?
A. Someone who likes to lose money.

Turning CO2 into oil that will then safely act as storage of CO2 isn't all that bad a concept, just expensive... but slowly I realise, a good idea wasn't a good idea if it didn't make a profit. There we go again, decisions based upon income.

To all Chief Executives of Big Business, Re: Climate Crimes,

Dear CEO, is it a crime to make a profit? No, not at all. Expressly stated in your employment contract you must make a profit or lose your job. So buckle up you are in for a ride - you might knowingly dump pollution into a river but it's just another decision based upon income - fail and you will be replaced with someone who does make a profit for us.

Us, who is us?

Us is the shareholders who vote.

Shareholders vote for profit but you know things could be different global warming this, climate change that. It makes total sense to vote for profit, you have bills and expenses... what are you supposed to do? But you want to do good for the planet too, so you are caught, to vote for your income today or forgave it for what? Make less profit?

And imagine you are brought to justice for committing a Climate Crime. What then? When your product fails beyond imagination. It's not you the shareholder it's some turkey at the top who will answer... but it's still you who vote.

Why am I targeting you the shareholder? Because you are the ones that count, that have the control.

You see, we the people vote for our government, we have a choice but eventually they are not in charge, the bank is. Money talks bs walks lol and we are back to you, yours [the shareholder] is the vote that counts, it leads to the very top of big business, and I'm here to try and tell you "how" things could be different and "why" we should work together and make a profit AND make better decisions for the planet which in turn makes your kids rich.


……and make it a decision based upon income, that's it.