This climate friendly process is literally changing seawater through a natural process - into the purest drinking water just like nature - without CO2 emissions.

Solar Thermal Desalination is a low energy evaporative/condensing process which has no expensive membranes and filters to replace - ever!

Instead it uses heat - just like the sun - to evaporate seawater from liquid to vapour - no chemicals - and no moving parts in the process (of course we still use pumps) - requires minimal staff and the water condensed is perfectly 100% clean - all the time - every time - just like nature - without CO2. Our engineers put it in a box, and now it rains pure water in a box.

Solar driven desalination systems based on evaporation of sea water and subsequent condensation of the generated steam have been investigated worldwide for many years. Starting from simple but sophisticated solar stills working very reliably and self sufficient on small scale drinking water production in the range up to 0.5 m per day, improved concepts have been realised mainly at a research level up to now.

The main tasks in term of efficiency of such concepts were the reduction of specific energy consumption and by that requested solar aperture area per cubic meter of water produced daily. One of the concepts is the Multiple Effect Humidification (MEH) method. The enclosure comprising heat and mass transfer is separated from the solar collectors for heat supply of the process. Evaporation and condensation surfaces are oriented to enable continuous temperature stratification along the heat and mass transfer process, resulting in small temperature gap to keep the process running.

Most of the energy afforded in the evaporator is regained in the condenser keeping the energy demand on a very low level of less than 120 kWh/m. Such systems have been available as an industrial product since November 2005. A demonstration system was installed and commissioned in Jeddah/Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia.

In the process, salt-water is heated and steam rises, evaporation leaves all solids and impurities behind. The steam condensed is always the purest water.