The 5 essential areas of focus - Education, Shelter, Income, Food, Health and Planet.

Empowering Education, SEEED Home-Farms, a new Eco Sustainable Industry (ESI), Permaculture gardens, Nutrient Soils and Green Belts.





The story of Terra Monia, a young girl’s fight for Planet Earth... but she needs our help!

It is expected SEEED Gaming Campus will go online in 2017.

A revolutionary experiential learning campus in a 3D game.

Where is the campus?
The campus will be online in the form of an experiential video game, "Terra Monia and The Fight For Planet Earth".

How do I enroll?
We are not open for enrollment yet but you will be able to log on and enroll online. Please show your interest and support - SUBSCRIBE at the footer.

Who can be a student?
The online campus is open to everyone above the age of 18 with special admission for under age players.

How do I qualify to be a student?
When we open, follow the prompts and answer all questions, choose an avatar and vocation of interest.

Is there a cost or tuition fee?
Cost is yet to be determined.

How do I get access to the materials and what are they like?
Everything will be provided in the game with digital records and personal notes. We also try to support students, for example: opening an eco business can provide tuition credits.

Will there be tests?
When the game exists, there will be projects and challenges, incentives and rewards with advancement. On completion of a project, it can be become a future model thereby accruing towards a diploma.

What is my personal advantage of attending this college?
Be a transitional leader, an eco sustainable warrior, and eco business person, an organic farmer, an eco home-farm builder - learn to fight war without leaving home, be a hero, be a lover... there are many vocations in preparedness for a changing world.

Can I actually get a certified degree?
We are in the planning stage, but the game is designed such that when you have completed all projects within, you will qualify with accreditation.

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