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August 28, 2013

Helical Resonant Cavity (Impeller) – 200 Watts Moving 80 Million Pounds of Weight – Implosion

biomimecry-impellerCollective Geometric Order is directly proportional to electrical conductivity.
It’s not the atomic alignment that creates a magnet.
The alignment creates resonant cavities.
The resonant cavity is the means by which the surrounding atmosphere and energies can flow.
By creating the resonant geometric “cavities”, “cavitation” bubbles can form.

If you have fan blades underwater, it will just push the water around radially.
It’s not the fan blades we want to push outward.
The shape of the fan blades of the Lily Impeller isn’t what is creating the vortex I don’t think.
It’s the helical chamber that creates the vortex!
The empty part.
The water will push in on itself to fill that emptiness. (vortex)
Water pushes on itself outwardly to get away from a fan blade.
Where is the empty part of a fan blade?
There isn’t one. The deepest part of the concave surface is the “empty” part.
There is only emptiness between each fan blade.
Many fan blades divided.
Divided we fall.

The Lily Impeller is 1 piece. United. Creating a harmonic resonant cavity.
We want to spin hollow helical resonant chambers.

John Searl’s magnetization process creates helical resonant cavities out of the atomic lattice of the magnet itself.
And when it’s spinning, it draws IN power rather than push it away like a fan blade.

The Lily Impeller is 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide and replaces the need for a 25 foot turbine!
The SEG is 3 feet in diameter 8 inches tall and replaces the need for nuclear power plants.

Helical Resonant Cavity (Impeller) – 200 Watts Moving 80 Million Pounds of Weight – Implosion – YouTube.