In 2004 Europe relaxed borders and granted EU citizens freedom of movement and residence.

Migrants, and refugees are flooding into Europe, but without papers they end up living under bridges.

All need work and a home.

A Permaculture  SEEED Home-Farm.

The African Migration to Europe

They have nothing, hence they have nothing to lose.

The Africans cannot resist the allure of Europe endangering their own lives and family to get there, streaming over 300,000 people per year seeking a better life.

In 2012 it cost Europe 400 million Euro to process the return of 100,000 and the years that follow will rise.

The Migration of the Romani People

Roma suffer from low employment, low education levels, housing problems and health care issues.

Many of them are not treated as equal citizens in their countries due to widespread discrimination.

There are many cases where we see lack of understanding and respect between Roma and non-Roma, leading to widespread stigmatization and hatred.

The Romani are a people and culture mostly native to central Europe

In 2010, the French government began to break up camps of Romani people living in the French countryside. Under the program, hundreds of Romani holding Romanian passports are deported back to Romania—accused of illegal immigration into France.

Currently, the deportation is a voluntary program, but it has stirred up a lot of anger between the French and Romanian governments.

An estimated 10 million Roma live in Europe.

Migration of the "Boat People"

In 1954, the nation of Vietnam was divided into two distinct zones along the 17th parallel.

A communist party governed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) and a more democratic party governed the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

The Vietnam War started in 1957, when the communist Viet Cong rebelled against the South Vietnamese government.