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Free Energy Device D-1943 Final Test

Published on Nov 2, 2016

A short replay of live testing No 2, made on the 2.11.2016. With the following consumers:
3x heater(3x2000W), 1x Halogen heater(800W) and 1lamp of 500W = 7.3Kw.
In the background you can see the Styrofoam platform that was used as a raft in the lake testing.

Free Energy device D-1943 (Available soon on demand)

Published on Aug 10, 2016

The Free Energy device was first made in 1943. in Dresden but the project was stopped because there were no possibilities and technologies to complete it . Uconfirmed information says that it altogether worked for the aircraft named "Glocke", however that is only theory and speculation.

But we at Innovatehno finally finished the device with a power of 7.35 kW 220V/380 V (The model of 4.5kW is in the video). At the end of August 2016 we go for live testing on this channel. After the testing period ends, we will start selling on the principle you order and we deliver it. At first only to certain regions of the European Union. We will deliver the device to your address, you can have a 30 days free trial period, after that you can pay us or return the device.
There will be a 5 year guarantee, expandable to 5 more years for 200€. The appliance components exist in the industry for over 50 years and are capable of working smoothly long term 24/7 , the product will work a minimum of 50 years. After the device is switched on, you never turn it off.

The device is used for:
All devices with the power of 220V-380V 50 Hz, with a maximum of 7350 W.For example an electric water heater for the house with central heating cca. 4kW, 2.5kW washing machines and lighting at the same time can be included, all above 7.35 kW of power consumption and the unit automatically pauses until the surplus power is lowered to 7.35 kW. The device does not use any fuel to work as it is working on the perpetual motion principle!

Free Energy Device (D1943) IPP7.4 (independent power producer)

Published on Nov 14, 2016

Testing with a measuring device Tektronix.
It showed the consumption of 6.5 kw(220V) during 19 minutes of operation.

A short description of consumers/appliances used: 1x Hot plate "Koncar EKA 20LS" 2500w, 2 top 1000 W / 145 mm Express 1500 W / 180 mm standard housing enamelled, 2X Heaters "ELIT CON 95" 2000 W, 3 settings for heating, fan, thermostat, overheating protection...all together 6.5 kw.

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