Professor Stuart Hill

 A rare in depth video Social Permaculture talk and a wonderful window into Prof. Stuart B. Hill. 

Talk Outline
    •    Aims of the talk, frameworks for thinking, and introductory remarks
    •    3 key interrelated aspects of transformative change
    •    4 key features of permaculture
    •    Importance of inclusion of the ‘personal’, e.g. ‘permaculture of the inner landscape’
    •    Social ecology as a supportive framework
    •    Need to reframe economics as a subservient ‘tool’ to support us acting on our ‘higher’ values
    •   Understanding the roots of our psychological makeup, its implications and associated opportunities
     •    Understanding the foundational aspects of ecology and whole-systems thinking, and their implications and opportunities

    •    Maintenance of well-functioning systems and their sustainability
    •    Our psychosocial evolution as a species, and its implications and opportunities
    •    Progressing from problem solving to the redesign of optimal systems (Hill’s ESR model)
    •    Yeomans’ Keyline landscape design and management system – an ecological explanation
    •    The known and unknown; and cleverness and wisdom; implications
    •    Processes involved in enabling progressive change
    •    Testing questions for sustainable, whole system wellbeing and progressive change
    •    Visions of possible ‘alternative’ futures
    •    Final comments

Afterword: Four Key Features of Permaculture (applicable to ‘everything’); & an Opportunity for the Future (also applicable to ‘everything’) Stuart B. Hill – 2010

If you have ever said to yourself, as you watched what was going on around you, or reflected on your own situation and actions, “This is not right”, “There must be a better way”, I suspect that as you read this important book you will have been filled with hope for a better future; and may even have found some answers specific to your particular concerns.

Afterword: Four Key Features of Permaculture