The sustainable paradigm demands new thinking and new technologies to fashion "sustainability" into all areas of our lives.

SEEED College plans a highly supportive environment teaching girls and women, and now boys and men the skills to build, operate, maintain and achieve a high quality of life in a sustainable SEEED Home-Farm with confidence.


SEEED College Online Campus TERRA MONIA "The Fight For Planet Earth" will be an interactive game with entry qualification. Graduates who have completed the online entry qualification can elevate to practical hands-on at a SEEED College Onsite Campus.


Malala Yousafzai 
At SEEED College Campuses our focus is to make Sustainable Education available to a wide age range with emphasis on equality for girls and women having as equal access to education as boys and men, and always in close cooperation with family.

Adopting a way of life, " support the development of individuals who are empowered, aware, loving, caring, responsible, creative, visionary, knowledgeable, competent, relational, wise, & with a zest for life." 
Prof. Stuart B. Hill


SEEED College plans to develop sustainable communities in Green Belts with sustainable solutions incorporated throughout. Students will learn to service renewable energy systems, develop sustainable practice and apply themselves in workshops at Campus Home-Farms.


SEEED College Onsite Campus shall provide work experience, employment and on-the-job training in soil carbon sequestration, farming, harvesting, water, energy, processing, marketing and selling within a sustainable community model.


A qualified SEEED College graduate equips the student with knowledge, experience and skill-set that can provide unparallelled opportunity for self-employment and entrepreneurship working in the future sustainable housing market. A win for students - a win for housing - and the planet.


At SEEED College Home-Farms, health is always in focus. We grow organic "CO2 enriched" fruits and vegetables and develop healthy cheap alternatives to fast food. Packaged and marketed appropriately, they can be sold to outlets raising community awareness that "good health starts with good food".


A SEEED Home-Farm provides effective sustainable housing solution for the homeless, migrants and asylum seekers. Each SEEED Home-Farm is ecologically sequestering CO2 and storing it securely. The more farms the more carbon is sequestered and stored. A SEEED Green Belt will be likened to a forest in sequestering CO2, but unlike a forest that can burn and release all the CO2, SCS and eCCS Block do not burn or rot.


SEEED College will be both a sustainable community and sustainable business model, from “seed to sale”. We must adhere to the value system of trade and commerce - but we also adopt a new way of life - to support the development of individuals who are empowered with a zest for life.

Projects on campus include Permaculture, the growing and harvesting of crops, milling and weaving, building SEEED Home-Farms which incorporates several eco technology's, collecting, harvesting and all aspects of water harvesting and renewal, applying renewable energy practices, the marketing and sale of products under the flag of sustainability with music concert and food festival promotion – thereby fulfilling a complete cycle from “seed to sale”.

We envisage a practical working sustainable business community model that fulfills an immediate need with long range results.


An important aspect of inclusion is we recognize people share much in common.

Music and food are universally shared across all cultures and live music atmosphere with wholesome traditional cooking is an invitation to inclusiveness – as well as cater for the very latest raw vegan and organic produce delivered fresh daily from our permaculture gardens.

SEEED College Campus has an entertainment area with "Edutainment", live music and delicious foods encouraging inclusive community awareness with a learning purpose.

Be with us as we establish SEEED College. Be inspired with the gift of sustainable giving.

It’s the leg up with dignity, encouraging health, well-being and productive citizens.

SEEED College Germany plans Inclusion Point Cafe, IP CAFE.

First we will be establishing a city meeting place and gateway  to SEEED College, where locals, migrants and travelers meet over tea in the spirit of inclusion… with free WiFi.


Sustainable skills are necessary for survival but with Permaculture we have the abundance necessary for a healthy life.

We walk girls and women, boys and men, on the path to their own Permaculture SEEED Home-farms and sustainable living.

A SEEED Home-farm Graduate works together with a family to build a future based on sustainability.


SEEED College integrates several disciplines including biology, ecology, geography, agriculture, architecture, technology, gardening and community building. Everybody learns a little about each others ecology and understanding builds bridges and relationships.

Grasping the “holistic big picture” adds another perspective opening access to new thinking – and students gravitate towards their best solution – and then into groups – into projects.