Like the old Chinese woman’s proverb, “Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish and you feed her family for a lifetime.”

Establishing SEEED College in Africa serves to curb Africans swarming into Europe by providing an alternative life in Africa - choice.

SEEED Home-Farms are an attractive proposition for Africans to decide to stay and build a life in Africa.

SEEED Home-Farms are built by local builders using local materials in traditional design, with carbon sinks and solar power.

SEEED College promotes permaculture, cottage industry, trade and networking through SEEED TV Internet channel.

Solar panels will be erected high enough to serve a dual-purpose, providing much needed shade and energy to purify water and power the community.

SEEED becomes a beacon – a land-based lighthouse of communication with food, music and Edutainment.

SEEED College campus has student accommodation, student home-farms and production facilities.

SEEED College is a sustainable model that can be replicated as a solution for other nations.

Organic Sustainable Development.

Africans building Africa is the only solution.

Change comes from within.