A SEEED College in every nation will provide education with practical sustainable and business solutions to change the peoples predicament of lack.

Sustainable education, shelter, food, energy and water are the essentials for sustainable living. An Eco Sustainable Industry (ESI) will nurture businesses, jobs and income.

We believe X Architectonics, can deliver a high standard of living lifting developing nations out of poverty and move them directly into ESD zero carbon home-farms cost effectively. Coupled with Eco Sustainable Industry (ESI), a new sustainable and decentralized cottage business is born, X Architectonics opportunity bridges the gap.



Addressing the flow starts at their country of origin. Supporting people in their own country of origin is more cost effective and far safer than the long walk or "catching the boat", which involves processing, handling, medical staff and accommodation prior to sending them back.

We have to provide better for them in their own country of origin - so they don't want to come.

X Architectonics, SEEED Green Belts, Villages and Home-Farms, Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) will impact positively on: lifting the living standard of humans in need and/or caught in perilous migrations: help stabilize the country of origin: better the human condition and mitigate climate change.

By addressing their bottomline - their reasons for seeking a better life - by addressing their loss of a future - we can afford them a hand-up and a better life - in their country of origin - the only real solution.

X Architectonics is the solution that can be applied in any country - raising the standard of living without raising CO2 emissions.

We advocate 2 proven CO2 technologies that sink and safety store atmospheric CO2, are the only available technologies that can scale and address true effective mitigation of climate change on a global scale.