The Printing Press is widely regarded as one of the most influential events in history ushering in the new age of education. The Printing Revolution brought affordable information expanding knowledge across the known planet.

The Internet is the New Industrial Revolution bringing with it change not only technological, but societal and epic in scope.

Now the Internet hurdles the Printing Revolution enabling education to be delivered with unprecedented detail.


"Learn in the future how to save the present"

SEEED College is taking on the challenge to deliver a 3D immersive education simulation with all the demanding facets of Planet Earth in a game. Earth as it is now juxtaposed with Earth in a possible future.

Enabling students the ability to "build and fail, build and succeed" a new path towards a safe and plentiful world without poverty, hunger or fear.

A completely new interaction between teacher and student. An immersive 3D environment opening the doors to the New Digital Education Revolution.