SEEED Water Energy

It's expected in 2015 "next generation" solar and water technologies will arrive, more efficient, easier, better.

Pumped Storage is an old proven way to store and retrieve energy. It's usually large scale and part of a centralized system. Excess energy is used to pump water up (usually at night) and it's ready in the morning to deliver power throughout the day.

Today, pumped storage is under utilized due to it's enormous scale and costs to set up not to mention environmental disturbances - but these problems completely disappear when it's small scale.

The HYDROBAT is a SEEED project, a small scale decentralized renewable energy pumped storage that may be able to achieve load sensing uninterruptible electricity generation.

With the knowledge of pumped storage, an extra 30% energy can turn sea water into drinking water. The SEA WATER MILL project.

With the added application of buoyancy and twin tanks, energy efficiency is leveraged with THE DISTRACTION project.

On a very small scale, a Leverage Hand Pump can deliver local amounts of water and energy too.

The question to ask about projects is not just, "how do they work?" but, "how cheap can we make them", for any invention must compete in the market.

We will be looking for innovative cost cutting ideas and ways of construction, towards simplicity.

How Europe is expanding Pumped Storage

World's Largest Pumped Storage.

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