SEEED Home-Farms

Home-Farms are grown from seeds - the basis of organic Transitional Technology.

Attractive, cost effective and beautiful to live in. With a Permaculture garden you'll be in heaven.


We draw from two (2) Bio-Sequestration technologies. 

Soil Carbon Sequestration (SCS) and our own eCCS Block & Bag - ecological Carbon Capture & Storage.

When a valley of home-farms are established they will form a Green Belt Villages which will sequester and store CO2 and help mitigate climate change.​


SEEED Home-Farms' energy footprint is effectively lower in all aspects of heating and cooling. This translates directly to modest energy needs which can be accomplished with current renewable energy devices like solar and wind.

Efficiency is at the heart of every sustainable system. In Permaculture all waste products are utilized back into the chain, so ultimately there is no waste, the same with energy and water. Minimizing waste is at the forefront of every project.

SEEED Home-Business

supports Cottage Industry with raw materials and training, promoting productivity from home to market and the internet.

SEEED Home-Markets

is your meeting place where you catch-up, swap and sell your wares.


Because home-farms are built from seeds, without pesticides or artificial fertilizers when they decompose back into the earth they present no environmental problem.

eCCS Breath of Life

Grown, harvested, striped, dried and cured​ into eCCS building material can be quickly assembled into home-farms - wonderful spaces that afford a high standard of living with "breathing" insulation.

All parts of plants can be used, No need for artificial fertilizers or pesticides - which means we eliminate toxic waste run-off into our streams and water-ways.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Treat and Disposal

are core to the development of a cost effective eco sustainable environment.

The sustainable paradigm requires we produce less waste.


Sustainable skills are necessary for survival but with Permaculture we have the abundance necessary for a healthy life.

We walk girls and women, boys and men, on the path to their own Permaculture SEEED Home-farms and sustainable living.

A SEEED Home-farm Graduate works together with a family to build a future based on sustainability.

SEEED Home-Care

A lifelong journey of discovery inside and outside the box, where life is always now at any age.

With carers, medical support and learning classes everyone can learn at their own pace.

*Become a carer now and you'll be cared for later.


Hence recycling is actually replenishing the earth with no toxic waste or pollutions to clean up.

Depending on regional and environmental conditions, composed of 70% cellulosic fibre and 30% binder consisting of slash pine, straw, hemp and bamboo.​