Eco Sustainable solutions for an Eco Sustainable Planet.

Increasing soil erosion, air and water pollutions, deforestation, species extinction, exploitation of natural resource, climate change... all pose a question. Are we heading towards an ecological 'Dust Storm' catastrophe... Earth Storm.

The DUST BOWL struck from 1934 to 1937. 150,000-square-miles encompassing Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico just blew away. Over ploughing the soil removed the root system of grass as anchor, so the winds easily picked up the loose topsoil and swirled it into dense dust clouds, called “black blizzards.”

We have experienced Nature's support systems shutting down. We know how that looks, how it smells. We know our role in man-made disasters, albeit in hindsight. Do we learn from our past, and walk a different path? Einstein said, doing the same and expecting a different result is insanity.

The Easter Island story "knowing it was the last tree but still they cut it down" is a mirror for Man to see something he cannot see. It may not be completely true, but the powerful imagery compels, we need a bigger mirror. Water for fracking instead of farms. Poisons for crops killing the soil. Hormones for fatter chickens. Nutrient deficient soil equates to nutrient deficient food, the obesity epidemic, animal cruelty, human exploitation, plastics..

The Cree Prophecy: “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realise that you cannot eat money.”

History will repeat itself. But this time will Nature die to be reborn - is Earth Storm an extinction level event? The last tree, the last fish, the last drop... must we wake up and restore the soils, the oceans, the land, the eco and the people?

Yes we must look into the mirror and choose a different path.

We are the tree, the animal, the bird, we are One with everything, interdependent, inextricably linked, asleep at the wheel.

It is before us and we have been there countless eco times... but not on a global scale.

We have the greatest minds, the technology, the methodology, we know how to change, we only need the Will. 

Interested in Abundance, Clean Air, Water, Food and Shelter,
Then You're Interested in an Eco Sustainable Planet.

Thinking A Different Way - Forging A New Path


Welcome too S.E.E.E.D. College learning resource. The first step of our transitional journey begins with the humble seed: The "seed" improves the earth cycle and human condition by providing food, clothing, shelter and medicines. As it grows into a tree (apart from the integral interconnections with life) the roots not only sequesters CO2 but also binds the soil. When a tree dies or burns, it releases all the CO2 it had stored back into the atmosphere, but not the soil - the soil retains the CO2 through soil binding.

Awareness to reduce our CO2 footprint has also led us to investigate soil - to discover soil plays a dominant role in the CO2 cycle, the nutrient cycle and indeed Earth Storm. Healthy soil sequesters CO2 and provides better nutritional foods for humans but also improves soil binding. It's a win win win. As example, SEEED Home-Farms based upon Industrial Hemp and Permaculture is a macro-micro cosmistic Eco Sustainable solution for humans, animals, nature, soil, water, the human condition and Earth Storm.

When better design and better product comes along in a self sustainable package - when all parts weave together into an amazing holistic solution, we have to sit back and take note of the ECO SUSTAINABLE S.E.E.E.D. Cycle.

The humble seed, whether it's hemp, cane, bamboo, straw or pineapple - seeds are the building blocks of not just sustainability - but an Eco Sustainable Planet. 

The Eco Sustainable S.E.E.E.D. Cycle is the right mix of soil, seed, water, energy, sequestration and self sustainability that delivers Developing Nations a road map to "leap-fog" fossil fuels - and be a working model towards combating Earth Storm

The Eco Sustainable S.E.E.E.D. Cycle addresses Climate Change and Earth Storm



...for You, Me & the Planet!


The S.E.E.E.D. Cycle

* Provides Self Sustainability education.

* Provides sustainable shelter, food, work and income for developing nation families.

* Replenishes the soil and builds nutrition.

* Reduces climate impact from developing countries reducing the use of fossil fuels.

* Sequesters CO2, binds soil, addresses Earth Storm.

* A holistic approach for Developing Nations improving the human condition.

And The Movement is Malala
"Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only answer. Education First.

The increasing female labour-market participation and the equal economic independence of women and men through equality of decision-making.

The Most Significant Plant in the World is Hemp.

The Most Valid Farming in the World is Permaculture.


We now know: Hemp can provide and indeed has for many centuries (except for the last 100 years) fed, housed and clothed people without the need of artificial fertilisers, tilling or industrial machines, and we can improve upon this methodology and forge a new path at any time... we just need the will.


We now know: The Practice of Permaculture has been found to solve a broad range of problems by returning to a sustainable regenerative or eco sustainable farming model. There is enough land to house humans since we mostly live in cities, and land and people is what Permaculture needs.


If you look at a forest, the trees are tall and numerous but who waters them? Who supplies the nutrients?

The answer is no one!

Paul Gautschi tells all!


Dean Kamen has invented the "Slingshot" water purifier cracking the economic barrier providing pure drinking water for all.

S.E.E.E.D. Education is the Key to a Self Sustainable Future


X Architectonics is based on ecological sustainability and time proven methodologies that defines a new era in architecture: eco sustainable architecture... and key to man's reconciliation with nature.

No you don't have to be an architect, X Architectonics awakes the inner empowerment pathways.

A shift created from within empowers your life skills and dreams. How? Because you experience in yourself a tectonic shift, the "aha-a-a" moment.


S.E.E.E.D. College is future focused, preparing students with the knowledge and skills for sustainability employment. Covering water, food, energy, housing and income - X Architectonics itself provides students both the preparedness and pathway into what could be the first modern Eco Sustainable Industry (ESI).

It's up to us, you and me, for we are the teachers of the next generation.

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We now know: industrialised farming through tilling has exposed (and decimated) the trillions of microbes essential to transport nutrients to the plants (in exchange of sugars produced by photosynthesis) found in our foods or as Dr Christine Jones states we have the "lowest nutrient soils in history" - and artificial fertilisers are used to add these nutrients instead. What does this mean for the human condition?

We now know:
Viktor Schauberger's water and soil designs based upon the nature of implosion rather than explosion, would have avoided ecological degradation IF we had listened.

With every acre of hemp we can grow one SEEED Home-farm, one house per acre, 2 or 3 crops per year depending on sun. A SEEED Home-farm that's designed to harvest food, water and energy... and sequester CO2.

Hemp only needs water and sun - no pesticides means no run-off into waterways - the most nutritious seeds for man - can produce oil, biodegradable plastic and even concrete.

In the schools, colleges and universities our minds absorb many "seeds" of knowledge. Some of these seeds remain in our minds without further development and growth. We just repeat what we have learnt from teachers or read in the books. These are seeds of the so called “borrowed knowledge”

The starving millions, the 3 billion in Africa can be the change. Let them grow hemp and provide for themselves food, housing, warmth and clothes. And at the same time sequester and ecologically store atmospheric CO2 (which is what Permaculture and hemp does) and help stabilise climate change.

Africa is the logical place to put into practice the Eco Sustainable S.E.E.E.D. Cycle on a mass scale, but X Architectonics - where architecture transits from pollute practices to Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) - can be applied in any country, anywhere at any time!

In the cities it's a different story. Vertical Farming with far less water, pesticide, land and transportation, it's an economical and energy saver - a gift to humanity.